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Employer branding

Footings of mentionsThis study highlights the lifting consciousness for the development of Employer Branding construct and its benefits for the administrations in present competitory labor market. The struggle between effectual employer stigmatization and employees ‘ rights and satisfaction toward organisation has been examined in this study with specific focal point on the unethical and commanding consequence.Introduction:Employer stigmatization is the perceptual experience of employees ‘ about an organisation as a topographic point to work. It ‘s designed for motivation and procuring employee ‘s alliance with the vision and values of the organisations. From the HR perspective the construct was subsumed the older term INTERNAL BRANDING that was basically the procedure of pass oning an organisation ‘s trade name value to its employee.Employer stigmatizationThe construct of EMPLOYER BRANDING was created in the 1990s by Simon Barrow, who founded People in Business ( now portion of TMP Worldwide ) and was the co-author of The Employer Brand. 1 In the yesteryear, Barrow had been a consumer goods trade name director and headed up an advertisement bureau in London, but subsequently became the main executive of a enlisting bureau. He was instantly struck by the similarities between the challenges faced in advancing consumer goods and in advertising the strengths of an administration ‘s employee proposition. Both, he recognised, required a strong trade name, and so the construct of employer stigmatization was conceived. He defined employer branding as a set of properties which make the employees feel more close to the company and take pride of being associated with the company they work for. Employer stigmatization is in kernel the mental apparatus of an employee where he or she receives mental satisfaction in the same mode as when he or she uses a merchandise of a preferable trade name. Employer stigmatization is hence a set of attitudes, every bit good as an array of activities and characteristics enabling the procedure of branding to be more effectual. They could be psychological ( behavior of higher-ups ) , economic ( compensation bundle, benefits ) or functional ( possible to turn, occupation assigned harmonizing to capableness ) . These definitions indicate that employer branding agencies advancing and constructing an individuality and a clear position of what makes an organisation different and desirable as an employer. It has similarities with merchandise and corporate stigmatization but the cardinal difference is its ‘ more employment particular.Recruitment and employer stigmatizationDeveloping an employer trade name is a combination of following vision, values, and behaviors, and presenting a service that shows committedness to outdo pattern and service excellence. It begins with the enlisting procedure that offers figure of tools that can be used to make perceptual experiences of an using organisation, these tools are:Job advertizement and descriptionInterview procedureOffer lettersInformation battalion for new recruitersEmployee enchiridionsInitiation and preparation.The enlisting procedure is an of import manner to construct a positive relationship between the organisation and employee. Throughout the process, the organisation can make a strong and positive position about them ; even it can be extended to unsuccessful campaigners as good.When employees have accepted the earnestness and truth of the employer trade name, they will transport it frontward, actively advancing the trade name to co-workers and clients. However, employer stigmatization which is fundamentally untruthful will non work and is likely to be counter-productive.Benefits of Employer BrandingLong-run impact: Successful employer trade name can hold a positive impact on enrolling for a considerable sum of clip while sing any Major PR issues.Increased volume of self-generated campaigners: The figure of appliers tends to increase each twelvemonth as the employer branding gets stronger. Cases of a 500 % addition of applications have besides been observed.Addition in quality of the appliers: The quality of campaigners will besides better dramatically ; persons who ne'er would hold considered in the yesteryear will get down applying.Higher offer-acceptance rates: The rate of credence addition proportionally with the addition of image and good will of the company.Higher Employee Motivation: Employees can be easy motivated, or will remain motivated longer in the company because of the sensed pride in working for the company, and better direction patterns ( by and large ) that is tied-in with the company ‘s trade name image, therefore doing it a company people work for because they chose.A stronger corporate civilization: Employment stigmatization can assist beef up house ‘s corporate civilization because of the inactiveness it additions from the really kernel of employer stigmatization ; doing a company desirable to work for.Diminished negative promotion and image: Effective stigmatization can nail jobs by covering with negative remarks and fixing effectual counter measurers.Increased director satisfaction: As a direct consequence of increased involvement from more able and adept ap pliers, the directors will hold more clip for managerial maps as the demand to give more clip to recruitment procedure will diminish with the quality of the applicant group.Healthy competition: Employer stigmatization is similar to merchandise stigmatization. Hence to maintain a company desirable, it has to update its UPS and maintain up with its promise of bringing. This increases healthy competition and besides makes the companies better by the minute.Increased stockholder value: The ripple consequence of the company ‘s good will via employer stigmatization can besides positively impact a house ‘s stock monetary value.Support for the merchandise trade name: If a company has a superb trade name image, it is more likely that its merchandise will harvest the benefits of it and be branded automatically. This helps particularly when the company launches a new merchandise.The trade name kernel should sum up what the trade name stands for, going the karyon for merchandise dev elopment, all communications and even HR enterprises for employees. Its definition should besides be consistent with the corporate vision/mission and values. For illustration, Volvo is a good illustration of a trade name description is Volvo – â€Å"Style, driving pleasance and superior ownership experience while observing human values and esteeming the environment.† Volvo ‘s values and associations reflecting this trade name individuality are what are considered to be typically Norse – e.g. â€Å"nature, security and wellness, human values, elegant simpleness, originative technologyand the spirit of stylish/innovative functionality† . For Volvo, this description non merely mirrors the psycho-graphic profile of the ideal client for their autos, but besides summarizes what Volvo as a company means to all its workers — its employer trade name. These are intrinsic values that Volvo workers can associate to, what they believe in and why they feel comfy doing a committedness to their occupations. One can easy visualise the types of HR plans that would animate a sense of pride and re-enforce these intangibles – e.g. nature, wellness, security and other meaningful human values.‘Living the trade name ‘Life THE BRAND is placing with an organisations trade name value to such an extent that employees ‘ behaviors fit precisely to the image that the concern is seeking to portray to its clients ( Alan Price 2007 ) . The alliance between employees ‘ behavior and value of organisation ‘s trade name image is really of import. It is suggested that administrations need to guarantee that the re is no spread between what the administration is stating in the outside universe and what people believe inside the concern. The employees should be perceived as Brand embassador and trade name selling would merely be successful if they LIVE THE BRAND. From this position:Organizations have encouraged employees to â€Å"buy in† to the concern vision and values.They have to guarantee that everyone in the organisation clearly understand the intent of the common set of values.Harmonizing to Ind ( 2004 ) , the subjects discussed are likely to be of involvement to HR and selling practicians every bit good as those involved in internal communications within administrations. Employees themselves are expected to internalize characteristics and facets of the administration ‘s trade name to guarantee that they become trade name title-holders, therefore assisting to stand for to administration ‘s trade name to the outside clients. Such an attack instantly raises some interesting jobs associating to equality and diverseness as it expects each employee to portion a peculiar set of values and act in conformity with these values. The employee branding attack being recommended by Ind raises a figure of challenges for those interested in an equality and diverseness docket. An administration that aims to guarantee that employees are populating the trade name will specifically take to pull and enroll employees who already portion the values of the corporate trade name. Furthermore, those already employed within the administration will be encouraged to internalize the values of the administration. Clearly, there are jobs for promoting diverseness here, with one of the rules of diverseness direction being an credence and acknowledgment that people are different and single differences ( particularly of values ) should be welcomed. Inherently, a populating the trade name focal point is likely to travel against such a rule. Ind makes the point that promoting employee designation and committedness to the administration ‘s trade name values might deny an look of individualism. However, Ind suggests that internal s tigmatization combined with leting employees to be empowered will enable freedom with order.Denial of individualism ( dress codification policy )When it comes to â€Å" professional image † , many employers are gaining that Standards of frock and personal presentation are indispensable therefore holding a policy on frock codification can be of import. Where the employees meet clients, they act as the store window for the company and the benefits of presentable visual aspect are obvious. However, even where the employee ‘s work is internal, there are less touchable benefits such as:Making a squad atmosphere,Engendering criterions of professionalism, andMaking a corporate image.As employers are gaining this, they are paying more attending to the visual aspect of their employees and the image and perceptual experience of the concern – frock, training and personal hygiene are all portion and package of this. However, the issue of work topographic point frock codifications can be extremely controversial. It is critical that employers are cognizant of the favoritism issues that dress codifications can make.Issues with work topographic point frock codificationsIn administrations with uniforms, the issues can be more broad ranging. For case, at the Greater Manchester Police Force, bureaucratism and involuntariness to accept alteration has hampered the debut of hijabs for Muslim adult females. At Inchcape Fleet Solutions – where all 140 non-senior staffs are provided with polo shirts or blouses branded with the company logo – the manner of the uniform does non accommodate all staff and most â€Å" do non like have oning it † . This would impact their tempers at work and accordingly affect their public presentation.Ailments of favoritismFurthermore, a ailment was raised informally by the staff forum of kid trust fund supplier Family Investments and relates to the fact that adult females can have on pants that are non full length, while work forces can non. Employees have requested that the company allows trunkss to be worn, every bit long as they are below the articulatio genus Besides, in September 2006, a British Airways worker has been suspended and attended an entreaty over have oning a cross at work at Heathrow Airport. She claims the suspension is prejudiced, particularly since the air hose allows Sikh employees to have on traditional Fe bracelets and Muslim workers to have on headscarves.BA has said it will reexamine its unvarying policy in visible radiation of the media storm the narrative has provoked.Employer stigmatization and favoritism jurisprudence There are three countries of favoritism relevant to dress codification policy:Sex Discrimination Act 1975Religious or Belief Regulations 2003Disability Discrimination Act 1995.Sexual activity favoritism and frock codificationsThere is the obvious potency for sex favoritism in any frock codification, which sets different demands for work forces and adult females. Past claims have challenged policies that:adult females must have on skirtswork forces should non hold long hairWork force must have on a neckband and tie.The instance of Matthew Thompson who objected to the frock codification imposed by the Department for Work & A ; Pensions at his topographic point of work, a occupation Centre in Stockport, can besides be a good illustration. Mr Thompson claimed that the frock codification discriminated against male employees as they were forced to have on a neckband and tie whereas female employees could have on Jerseies to work. The Employment Tribunal found in favor of Mr Thompson saying that the frock codification was prejudiced as the demand to have on a neckband and tie was gender based and there were no points of vesture that were imposed on adult females in the same office. From the Thompson instance, it became clear that employers should be careful in the manner that they draft their frock codifications. Employers are non prevented from enforcing frock codifications that require employees to have on specified points of vesture every bit long as the codification is drafted in such a manner as to be even-handed between work forces and adult females. For illustration, occupations in the City, the current convention is for both work forces and adult females to have on suits. The convention is that a adult male should have on a tie with a suit but the same does non use to a adult female. A frock codification necessitating a â€Å" smart suit † could use to both sexes but be enforced in a non-discriminatory mode appropriate for each sex.Religion/belief favoritism and frock codificationsA frock codification that requires employees to move in a manner contrary to their spiritual beliefs, hazards being indirectly prejudiced. Therefore, a frock codification prohibiting headdress will be prejudiced to male Sikhs, who must have on a turban. The best manner to avoid these jobs is to be every bit non-specific as possible. A widely worded frock codification necessitating smart visual aspect, with non-binding illustrations of suited frock, can non fall foul of specific clothing-related beliefs. To cross-check your frock codification against the chief faiths ‘ vesture beliefs, refer to Acas ‘ Guide on Religion and Belief which has a utile chart at Appendix 2 ( pages 40-50 ) . It may be possible for employers to objectively warrant a frock codification contrary to any of these beliefs, if it can be done so objectively. For illustration, employees at a cocoa mill were successfully prohibited from holding face funguss for wellness and safety grounds. However, employers should be really wary of trusting on nonsubjective justification as the tribunals are loath to accept it. There may be a inquiry grade in some instances whether a individual ‘s positions are beliefs. Harmonizing to Acas, Rastafarianism ( which requires the erosion of a chapeau ) is a belief system. Certain political beliefs or powerful sentiments such as nationalism ( the erosion of an American flag badge ) may or may non be regarded as beliefs. Employers should esteem beliefs that are strongly held whether or non they are spiritual in nature.Disability favoritism and frock codificationsDisabled employees may non be able to follow with a frock codification, for illustration, an employee with a neck hurt unable to have on a tie. However, by and big, this demand non impact the manner the codification is drafted ; alternatively, employers should be sensitive in the enforcement of the frock codification. In drumhead, employers should be rather a spot flexible when composing a policy on employee frock or visual aspect. Reasonable flexibleness and sensitiveness to the employees ‘ racial differences should be allowed in the frock codification to do employees comfy and any struggle and jurisprudence suits, while run intoing the Trust criterion of Dress codification. This position is echoed by administrations such as Broker Network, which believes that employees should be able to do their ain judgements on what is best to have on. Many companies are now turning their dorsums on the construct of ‘dress-down Fridays ‘ , choosing alternatively to ditch smart business-wear every twenty-four hours of the hebdomad. A study of 560 administrations has found that four out of five employers believe a more relaxed frock codification leads to greater productiveness. Nine out of 10 administrations that replied to the canvass by the Peninsula employment jurisprudence consultancy had declared ties an unneeded portion of their frock codification.DecisionThe issues discussed above create a challenge for HR professionals involved in employee focused branding undertakings, particularly those where employees are expected to portion a specific set of values. That is that such enterprises will doubtless make a tenseness and potentially conflict with rules underlying an equality and diverseness docket. Ind ‘s suggestion that inside-out stigmatization allows freedom and order remains unconvincing even when the emplo yees are involved in building the trade name values. An administration that dictates a set of values for employees to internalize is still a homogenising force. Administration ‘s that truly take diverseness programmes earnestly will hold to undertake this tenseness. One possible manner out of this riddle is to include equality and diverseness consciousness as a cardinal value included in the internal trade name proposition.RecommendationsAny guidelines should be carefully drafted, and employers are advised to handle any petitions to dress contrary to the company codification for spiritual or racial grounds with regard. Employers should confer with the employee in inquiry and discourse how to suit sensible petitions, and seek to happen a favorable solution. A court will be more likely to be sympathetic to the employer where a policy is required for wellness and safety intents, instead than merely to keep a corporate image. Decide what limitations on employees ‘ visual aspect are necessary and why. For illustration, instructors are expected to have on reasonable footwear, suited for the activities their occupation involves. Restrictions should non be inordinate or unreasonable, for case take a firm standing on suits or ties in the office when employees are non customer-facing. Set out the guidelines clearly, and include the principle behind any limitations. Explain why limitations may be placed on some employees but non others ( for illustration, no organic structure piercing for those runing heavy machinery for wellness and safety intents, and those working within a cafe of a supermarket may hold stricter codifications enforced on them than those who work in the same shop, but do n't come into direct contact with nutrient ) . Give employees notice of when the policy will come into force. Allow employees a grace period before training for non-compliance. Explain what will go on if employees are found to be in relentless breach of the policy ( disciplinary action and, potentially, dismissal ) . Give the name of an person that employees can speak to if they feel they can non follow with the policy. Current statute law on issues that could take to favoritism should be reviewed from clip to clip, and staff enchiridion should be read by employment attorneies to guarantee conformity. Guidelines should besides be updated to suit the statute law. Base the policy on business-related grounds. Explain your grounds in the policy so employees understand the principle behind the limitations. Common business-related grounds include keeping the organisation ‘s public image, advancing a productive work environment, or following with wellness and safety criterions. Require employees to hold an appropriate, well-dressed visual aspect. Even insouciant frock policies should stipulate what vesture is inappropriate ( such as perspiration suits, trunkss, and denims ) and any particular demands for employees who deal with the populace. Communicate the policy. Use employee enchiridions or memos to alarm employees to the new policy, any alterations, and the punishments for disobedience. In add-on, explicate the policy to occupation campaigners.Use the frock codification policy uniformly to all employees. This can forestall claims that the policy adversely affects adult females or minorities. However, you may hold to do exclusions if required by jurisprudence. ( See following suggestion. ) Make sensible adjustment when the state of affairs requires an exclusion. Be prepared to suit petitions for spiritual patterns and disablements, such as caput coverings and facial hair.Apply consistent subject for frock codification misdemeanors. When training lawbreakers, point out why their garb does non follow with the codification and what they can make to followMentions:Edwards, M. R. ( 2008 ) Employees as a Focus of Branding Activities: A Review of Recent Contributions to the Literature and the Implications for Workplace Diversity, Equal opportunities international. Vol 27 ( 5 ) pp. 447-481 [ online ] Available from: [ Accessed 1 April 2009 ] Carrington, L ( 2007 ) EMPLOYER BRANDING [ Online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 26 March 2009 ] Wolff, C. ( 2007 ) Employers USE DRESS CODES TO ENHANCE CORPORATE IMAGE, IRS. Issue 878. Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 26 March 2009 ] Downes, J. ( 2007 ) POLICY CLINIC: DRESS CODES, [ online ] Available from:hypertext transfer protocol: // — dress-codes.aspx? searchwords=Policy+clinic % 3a+Dress+codes [ Accessed 26 March 2009 ] Millar, M ( 2006 ) EMPLOYERS RELAXING WORK DRESS CODE CAN HELP IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY, [ online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 26 March 2009 ] Dr. Sullivan, J ( 2008 ) EMPLOYMENT Stigmatization: THE ONLY LONG-TERM RECRUITING STRATEGY, [ online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 26 March 2009 ]Stephen Morrall, S & A ; Urquhart, C ( 2003 ) SEX DISCRIMINATION – ARE DRESS CODES DISCRIMINATORY? [ online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 26 March 2009 ]Gronlund, J K ( 2008 ) HOW EMPLOYER BRANDINGCAN FOSTER TRUSTS AND LOYALTY? [ Online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 26 March 2009 ]

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The At The Edge Of The Castle Training Field Essay

At the edge of the castle training field, bathed by the rays of a waning autumn sun, Percival reached for Fleur s hand as they waited for the knighting ceremony to begin. Deena and Ida, their girls, sat in the grass, vibrating with excitement. Banon lay down between them, basking in the glory of belly rubs, as the dog always did. It seemed impossible that the girls were ten and Banon was almost eleven. Hadn t they come into Percival and Fleur s life only yesterday? A cool afternoon breeze kissed Percival s face, and with that, he gazed at the sparse clouds above and recalled the past. He was almost thirty-three, and somehow, the past seemed closer than ever. So much had happened during the past decade. When Deena and Ida turned one, Percival and Gwaine, on a mission in Ismere, had been captured and forced into slavery by Morgana. That was a dark and frightening time for Percival and Gwaine, yet eventually, Merlin and King Arthur rescued them. Percival recalled his homecoming, when Fleur – carrying the twins in her arms – Rion, and Banon charged from the castle and ran to him, sobbing with joy. Rion all but pulled Percival from his horse, and Percival and his family stood outside in the downpour, reunited and grateful. He had never felt more loved than in that moment. Further, Arthur had managed to negotiate peace with King Odin, and Camelot and Cornwall had not warred in years. Regardless, there had been more dark times. Less than a year later, the epic Battle ofShow MoreRelatedShort Story1475 Words   |  6 Pagesthere would be no more Capital of Men and, most likely, no more King. â€Å"General!† Melborne shouted from the tree line. Indrid was glad to hear his voice. The medical officer had survived. He laughed at the fact that a man with no combat training had survived the bloodbath. Indrid lay there out of breath, bleeding from his head, ears, and lips. â€Å"What do we do now?† Melborne asked. Indrid looked at the men standing around him who were waiting for his response. They were all tiredRead MoreEssay on Warfare during the Renaissance1190 Words   |  5 Pages Warfare During the Renaissance Warfare did not get invented during the Renaissance, but there were some significant innovations. Feudal cavalry lost its strength of the battlefield, infantry gained in stature, states learned how to field large armies for long periods of time. Most important of all, however, was the use of gunpowder. The chief result of these innovations was that warfare once and for all was taken out of the hands of private individuals (the nobility) and was taken over by theRead MoreGawain Essay1150 Words   |  5 Pagesin this mob,† he shouted above the frenzied cheers. â€Å"There’s a gathering on the training field, a party, and our wives are there, so I’ve been told.† â€Å"Not like you were concerned or anything,† quipped Gawain. Lionel made a rude gesture, which set off another round of laughter. The roar of cheers rose and fell among the revelers lining the lane, and finally, after a substantial stretch of crawling along, the castle came into view. However, with less than half a league left to ride, the knights reachedRead MoreWhat Makes A Great Leader?1299 Words   |  6 Pagesphilosopher during the early 1900s. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Within the choices we make on an everyday basis, it is imperative to use what we know and have gained through social experiences to complete the possibilities of our â€Å"castle in the air†. For this will make and shape our own destiny, to the top of our zenith. Desire, time management, and caution are what make a great leader. An entrepreneur is someone who is innovative, well determined, and hardworking. Even if one mayRead MoreWhat Makes A Great Leader?1375 Words   |  6 Pagesphilosopher during the early 1900s. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Within the choices we make on an everyday basis, it is imperative to use what we know and have gained through social experiences to complete the possibilities of our â€Å"castle in the air†. For this will make and shape our own destiny, to the top of our zenith. Desire, time management, and caution are what makes a great leader. An entrepreneur is someone who is innovative, well determined, and hardworking. Even if one mayRead MoreThe Dark Side Of The Movie Blue Gray 1656 Words   |  7 PagesThe barely perceptible sound of the blunted edge on the hardened steel slicing through the air was music to his ears. The feel of the hilt across the palm of his hand and the brush of the pommel against the edges as he allowed the sword to swing freely in his grip while his fingers shifted to keep perfect control, was marvelous. The weight of the mail on his shoulders, the firm and supple padding underneath, down to very leather that had been worked, broken and molded to the contours of the archesRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Ghost 2676 Words   |  11 PagesWoken up from my restful slumber, I relive that nightmare. She s the ghost, the apparition, the questionable spirit that haunts me both when I m asleep and awake. I stumble out of bed, grabbing a nearby torch, and wiping the sleep from my face. My castle is silent and damp tonight. Nearly too quiet for my own comfort. I still feel unsettled, as the thought of an attack runs rampant in my head. I try to calm myself by pacing around my bed, but the rug is ever so slightly damp from the humidity, andRead MoreTaking Initiative As A Medic2034 Words   |  9 Pagesto be the assistant surgeon for the entire 52nd Ohio Infantry. Eventually after treating an amputation of a Confederate, with a Confederate surgeon, she was captured by the Confederates on 10April1864 and held as a prisoner. She was held at the Castle Thunder in Richmond Virginia. A prisoner exchange on 12August1864 for a Confederate surgeon brought her back to the Union. Mrs. Walker is far from the only medic to receive the Medal of Honor. The list of medical personnel who have received theRead MoreMarketing Strategies of Mcdonalds3677 Words   |  15 PagesMcDonald’s opens in India, the 95th country Business Model ïÆ'Ëœ Franchise Model – Only 15% of the total number of restaurants are owned by the Company. The remaining 85% is operated by franchises. The company follows a comprehensive framework of training and monitoring of its franchises to ensure that they adhere to the Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value propositions offered by the company to its customers. ïÆ'Ëœ Product Consistency – By developing a sophisticated supplier networked operation Read MoreMechanical Engineering Career Paper7307 Words   |  30 Pages a need for mechanical engineers will always be on the uplift. Many mechanical engineers â€Å"research, design, develop, manufacture, and test tools, engines, machines, and other mechanical devices.† (Bureau, 4). This branch, within the engineering field, happens to be the broadest category. Mechanical engineers are seen throughout all aspects of life, from agricultural production to maintenance of engines of cars and machines. With mechanical engineering, most people will be stationed in an office

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How Does the Representation of Women Change Between...

The perception of women has changed in the last century, because of the changes in the economy, lifestyles and the home. I am going to find out how women have changed between 1930 and 1960 and the effect Vogue has had on women’s lives. Vogue has not only contributed to the acceptance of trends in the fashion and beauty industry, but in addition has become a reward in the changed in cultural thinking, actions and dress of women. Vogue is the world’s most influential fashion magazine, first founded by Kelly Trepkowski, writing on art, culture and politics. Vogue is regularly criticized, along with the fashion industry it writes about, for valuing wealth, social connections, and low body weight over more noble achievements from its†¦show more content†¦The history of feminism consists of three waves; the first and most relevant to my studies would be between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Many activists were concerned with issues such as a woman’s right to bodily integrity and a woman’s right to abortion, access to contraception; a woman’s right for protection from domestic violence, against sexual harassments and rape. Women were widely discriminated against, especially i n the work place with matter such as maternity leave and equal pay. Many of these issues only related to women in middle class statuses however it did still impact those women Vogue targeted their magazine at, as they still were not able to work. Laura Mulvey is best known for her essay, â€Å"Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema† written in 1973 and published in 1975. Her article was one of the first major essays that helped shift the orientation of film theory towards psychoanalytic framework. Mulvey was concerned with the feminist attitudes throughout film, she intended to make a ‘political use’ of Freud and Lacan’s studies, using their concepts to argue that the spectator was in a masculine subject position, using the figure of the women as an object of desire. Linking this theory toShow MoreRelatedOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesHartman Strom, Political Woman: Florence Luscomb and the Legacy of Radical Reform Michael Adas, ed., Agricultural and Pastoral Societies in Ancient and Classical History Jack Metzgar, Striking Steel: Solidarity Remembered Janis Appier, Policing Women: The Sexual Politics of Law Enforcement and the LAPD Allen Hunter, ed., Rethinking the Cold War Eric Foner, ed., The New American History. Revised and Expanded Edition E SSAYS ON _ T WENTIETH- C ENTURY H ISTORY Edited by MichaelRead MoreAmerican Civil Rights Movement Essay15820 Words   |  64 Pages1896 The Supreme Court: â€Å"Racial segregation was legal as long as separate but equal† 1954 The Supreme Court ruled that maintaining separate but equal schools for blacks and whites was unconstitutional. CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT (1950s –1960s). Goals: desegregation, fair housing, equal employment opportunities, and fair voting laws. Dr Martin Luther King (killed in 68), provided leadership and strategy for the mass movement. Some radical black leaders advocated violent revolution. CIVILRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagesreprographics rights organization. Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the scope of the above should be sent to the Rights Department, Oxford University Press, at the address above You must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover and you must impose this same condition on any acquirer Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Edmonds, Ennis Barrington. Rastafari : from outcasts to culture bearers / Ennis Barrington Edmonds. p. cm. Includes bibliographical referencesRead MoreInternal Threats to Pakistan10157 Words   |  41 Pages b. Religious Diversity. Religion was the strongest unifying bond between the Muslims of India at the time of independence. However, after independence, contrary interpretations of Islam were adopted in different regions. Bengalis at the time of independence saw Islam in a liberal perspective. The West Pakistanis considered Islam as an integrating force and the main reason for independence.[4] The differences between East and West Pakistan, the 1953 religious frictions and the recent sectarianRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 Pagesto customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Hence it can be surmised that marketing is basically meeting unmet needs for target markets, identifying those unmet needs and planning how to meet them through products, services, and ideas. Communicating the value to them along with pricing which is affordable and profitable and also distributing the products so that customers have appropriate accessibility and have quick and easy deliveryRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesLeadership is Everyone’s Business 2. Interaction between the Leader, the Followers the Situation Cohen †¢ Effective Behavior in Organizations, Seventh Edition 11. Leadership: Exerting Influence and Power 94 94 Text Palmer−Dunford−Akin †¢ Managing Organizational Change 2. Images of Managing Change 121 121 147 147 Text 3. Why Organizations Change Text Cohen †¢ Effective Behavior in Organizations, Seventh Edition 14. Initiating Change 174 174 Text iii Cases 221 221 225 Read MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pages22/10/2007 11:54 Page 599 Guide to using the case studies The main text of this book includes 87 short illustrations and 15 case examples which have been chosen to enlarge speciï ¬ c issues in the text and/or provide practical examples of how business and public sector organisations are managing strategic issues. The case studies which follow allow the reader to extend this linking of theory and practice further by analysing the strategic issues of speciï ¬ c organisations in much greater depth

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Why Should We Intervene - 1748 Words

You are waiting for a flight to Dubai at an airport and then suddenly, BOOM! A bomb explodes killing a group of tourists instantly, BOOM! Another one explodes causing a subway station to explode. Screams and blood fill the airport and subway as you run for your life. Military and police with assault rifles pour into the building, as people are evacuated from a plane that just landed. A swarm of ambulances and EMS workers go inside the building with first aid kits and huge bags over their shoulders. A woman sits on the side of the road, crying over her unconscious husband. A huge threat to human society and the world. Spreading fear and brutality around the world, with their horrific deeds. Like moths to a flame, people join this group and spread terror and massacre many people, like in Paris, Brussels, and San Bernardino. The question is, should we intervene? Or should we leave other nations to deal with this growing problem? World leaders are debating whether or not to declare wa r on ISIS. Should the U.S intervene with this war against terror? Or shall we leave other nations to deal with this threat to humanity? A hard decision to make, with multiple consequences, but with multiple benefits, declaring war against ISIS can be a disastrous or a beneficial decision that the U.S can make. ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) , also known as ISIL is a terrorist group that was founded by â€Å"Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 1999† according to a google search conducted. â€Å"TheShow MoreRelatedEssay on U.S. Intervention1563 Words   |  7 PagesShould the United States enter into military intervention in foreign countries for humanitarian reason? Why? Why not? Under what conditions should the U.S. intervene if at all? History has been shown to repeat itself, and if we dont learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it. We have watched many genocides happen within the last decade, some of which the U.S. has intervened, and in some cases where they have not. The United States should not intervene in foreign countries for humanitarian reasonsRead MoreBystander Effect Theory Essay775 Words   |  4 PagesThe Bystander Effect Theory Have you seen a group of children bullying or pushing around another child? Did you stand by and watch the situation and not intervene? If so, even with such a minor situation, you fell into the bystander effect theory. The bystander effect happens every day in our lives and dates all the way back to the Holocaust and even further back in history. The bystander effect theory is a psychological phenomenon were people do not help others in emergency situations whenRead MorePablic Administration Essay1671 Words   |  7 Pageswith this claim: â€Å"The U.S. should return to the 55- mph speed limit in order to conserve fuel and save lives.†    Include in the map as many warrants, backings, objections, and rebuttals as possible. â€Å"The U.S. should return to the 55- mph speed limit in order to conserve fuel and save lives.†    Supports Cars are most fuel efficient when driven between 30 mph and 60 mph. Above 65 mph, mileage drops sharply. This isnt rocket science. If drivers are forced to slow down, we would all use less gasolineRead MoreThe Bystander Effect Essays1305 Words   |  6 PagesAsynchronous The Bystander Effect If you saw someone being attacked on the street, would you help? Many of us would quickly say yes we would help because to state the opposite would say that we are evil human beings. Much research has been done on why people choose to help and why others choose not to. The bystander effect states that the more bystanders present, the less likely it is for someone to help. Sometimes a bystander will assume that becauseRead MoreRace And Race Essay957 Words   |  4 Pagesresearch has attempted to examine the different types of abuse as well as the factors that lead less men to report these incidents (James, 2003; Douglas Hines 2011). Social Norms Why are men less likely to report cases of intimate partner violence (IPV)? One reason could be that the current social norms dictate that men should be more tolerant of the abuse and reporting would make them less ‘manly’. Some research has even shown that women use physical violence at higher rates than men (Archer, 2000)Read MoreThe Ethical Dilemma Faced By The Managers At The Law Firm918 Words   |  4 Pagessecret to himself. The firm’s main reason for firing Andrew was because of panic. The managers feared the deadly disease. However, they discriminated against Andrew by firing him merely because of his condition. Instead of firing Andrew, the managers should have adopted a better way of protecting the rest of the employees from contracting the disease. 3. How is the fact that Andrew concealed his illness relevant to the case? The fact that Andrew concealed his illness is relevant to the case becauseRead MoreGovernment Intervention And Its Effect On Foreign Markets Essay1310 Words   |  6 Pagesa decision to expand into foreign markets, careful considerations must be given to some keys factors such as the political and economic environment, costs, benefits and risks. The economic environment can alter from one country to another, this is why they are often divided into three different categories. The more developed, the less developed and the emerging economies. In addition to the level of development of the economy, countries are often classified as free market, where business activitiesRead MoreBystander Training The Step Up Program At Radford University869 Words   |  4 PagesUniversity was taught. This program aims to inform students of proper strategies and techniques to directly or indirectly intervene in emergency or nonemergency situations. There are number of situations that happens on campus around the nation like, hazing, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual assault, and academic integrity. This program will teach students how to properly intervene to prevent or stop the situations just described. This program is also eager to get out to classrooms, school eventsRead MoreForeign Intervention : International Conflicts1394 Words   |  6 Pageseach of them. This is why foreign intervention is an important problem that needs to be discussed. There are many interventions that the US themselves have taken apart of. Some of thes e include the Spanish American War, The US Occupation of Haiti, The US Intervention of Dominican Republic, The US Intervention in Yugoslavia, The US Invasion of Invasion of Iraq, and many more. We believe that by setting up guidelines and rules about when to intervene, and how to intervene, we can more effectively solveRead MoreWhy Would We Choose to Not Help During a Crisis? Essay1128 Words   |  5 PagesHave we become a nation of uncaring and selfish people or are our actions just misunderstood? Barbara E Reid is a professor of New Testament studies and she wrote an article about the kindness of strangers for the periodical America Press. In the first paragraph the article explains some of the reasons we may not stop to help a stranger. â€Å"There are all kinds of good reasons for not stopping to help a stranger: I have other pressing obligations. It’s dangerous—what if the robbers are still lurking

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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Process

Question: Discuss about the Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Process. Answer: Introduction: Deontology states that few actions are morally wrong even after it obtains a good consequence. Moreover, a sense of duty is included while taking decision. For better understanding of the ethical consideration, it can be related with case study. Student who is not getting good marks instead of studying hard can take the decision of disclosing the incident about cheating of another student who has got higher marks through taking help from outside. Deontology is appropriate here because if the student shares how another student is getting higher marks it will lead to good result as the professor could punish or warn the student for his cheating; however, this is against moral because it will cause adverse effect to the classmate.In this situation, the student who is getting poor marks in Economics in spite of studying hard can inform the tutor about the student, who is cheating to get more marks in Economics class because the consequence will be better whether the decision is good or n ot. Here theory of Utilitarianism has been considered. The concept of this theory is considered with the consequences of an action. Whether the action is right or not is determined by analyzing the fact that the action has been utilized for the sake of good. The purpose of this theory is inclined towards the greater welfare. This theory also goes with this case study because it aligns the concept of this theory with the case scenario. The advere result will be more massive if the lady is not removed. As per the case study, majority of the people can survive if an individual is sacrificed for the sake of an overall good result; thus it is clear that case scenario satisfies the theory. Here for this case study, Normative Relativism can be considered. For this case study, such theory has been taken because whatever decision is taken should not be judged. As per the concept behind the theory of Normative Relativism, no decisions should not be judged from the point of any moral codes. I should take a decision that is required to be made to save ones life; whomever I chose to save whether it is my daughter or my niece, my moral codes of behaviour should not be judged. Final thoughts on ethics morality values: Normative relativism concerned with the evaluative claims that right or wrong are only based on the framework. It is believed that normative relativism are not simply true in themselves rather it has truth values that are relative to the broader frameworks like moral codes. Normative relativism reflects three aspects like: an individual is required to follow the moral code of his culture or society. It will be considered as immoral if the individual violates the moral code ones culture or society. Next aspect states that there is no such provision where moral code of a culture and society can be identified as worse or better. There is no such objective true or universally valid morals that can rank moral codes of the different societies or cultures. Moreover, there are no scopes to define that some moral codes are more humane or enlightened in comparison to others. As there is no such principle exist, the concept of moral progress is also invalid in this term. The final aspect is, in dividuals should tolerate the moral codes of other culture and society. People must not force an individual to be part of their moral codes of culture or society; in addition, people should be judged from the point of view of a person who believes in other moral codes of culture.

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My Relationship with Time and Its Effect on Happiness

The question about my relationship to time and happiness, I feel totally confused. On the one hand, I agree that those who wake up early have a possibility to complete more things; however, on the other hand, those people who likes to go to bed later and to sleep more in the morning they just cannot be happy waking up in the early morning.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on My Relationship with Time and Its Effect on Happiness specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Our lives consist of the present moments and chances that we should use. But, isn’t it the same if one gets up early, but goes to sleep also early and one sleeps in the morning but awake until the midnight or late? Both persons are able to accomplish the same range of things, being in a good mood and have a lot of energy. It is obvious that all people are different when it goes about the biological and diurnal rhythm. Therefore, I think that one can be h appy, satisfied and full of energy only in case if one lives according to one’s rhythm. Eventually, I think that it is necessary to use time correctly, to sleep well and to work in the most productive hours. In the article â€Å"Be Happier: Wake Up Earlier† Rubin says, â€Å"if I want to feel happy, calm, energetic, and mentally sharp, I must get enough sleep† (Rubin, â€Å"Be Happier: Wake Up Earlier†). Obviously, such statement is absolutely correct. However, I disagree with author when he talks about the advantage to get up early. Rubin says that he gets up at 6 am would like to do it at 5 am. I can conclude that his job includes the early working hours; therefore he can back home early and sleep. Such schedule is absolutely unacceptable for those who have the night shifts or works after lessons. Moreover, students usually spend more time studying and working even in case if they have to go to university in the morning. And it is wrong to insist that s uch schedule makes them unhappy. It is just the circumstances that require the particular rhythm. Also, Rubin asserts that to think about time is â€Å"one of the great challenges of a happiness project† (â€Å"Be Happier: Wake Up Earlier†). For Rubin, time is a master who can dictate the regulations. As for me, time is a worker that should be used in the most appropriate, adequate and effective way. Obviously, Rubin is right saying that the structure of our day reflects our interests, physical characteristics, temp of life and a field of activity. He emphasizes an importance of changing of a shift in order to make a day different. Eventually he concludes that only that schedule is right which is good for a particular person. In this position, I totally agree with Rubin. Sometimes it can be helpful to change day-schedule and rhythm. However, it is important to make sure that such change is good for one’s health and ability to work or study. For me, it is always hard to get up early. Although I have to study starting from the morning to accomplish a lot of work, I cannot compel myself to get up earlier and immediately. After all, it is the best moment when I can lie in a bed and think about all good moments that a new day will provide. However, it is better to get up fast and to prepare myself to university.Advertising Looking for essay on rhetoric? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hodgkinson say that from the early childhood parent starts a brainwashing process commanding children to get out from bed (2007, p. 2). On the one hand, such methods are helpful and teach children do not waste time. However, on the other hand, it can be bad for health if one needs to neglect one’s biological rhythm. Nevertheless, in case of pupils, parents do it right. Or how else they can convince their children do not be idle? Everyone should understand a real value of every second. Perhaps, such st atement sounds pathosly, it is absolutely true. A successful person knows how to allocate one’s time and how to use it in the most effective way. Obviously, it is impossible to be happy staying in a bed and simply being idle. Form my personal experience, I know that it is absolutely possible to change the rhythm according to my needs and working schedule. Although it may be complicated at the beginning, however, the eventual result is worth to subject one’s body to be under such pressure. Hodgkinson discusses about the historical attitude of people to sleep and idleness. Concluding that naturally people always behave in the same way, being lazy and idle, he suggest a great method for those who can hardly wake up early (2007, p. 4). He says that one should prepare a cup of coffee and set the alarm half an hour before one has to get up. When alarm triggers, one drinks coffee and goes to sleep again. After half an hour one will be awake due to the work of caffeine. I thin k that everyone should take this method into account. Obviously, not all of us can plane daily schedule according to the biological rhythm. Therefore, it is necessary to train body and mind to work in the concrete time needed for the work or study. Looking at the human life time, I agree with all statements that our life is worth to use every second with mind. Happy person is not the one who stays in bed all day long without any reason. Many times I heard how people complain about a lack of time. The cause of such situation is an idleness and unwillingness to get out from bed fast. However, it is also highly important to take into consideration that every person has one’s own biological rhythm that implies the most effective working hours. In case if one needs to work early or vice verse at night hours, it is possible to use some methods in order to train one’s body and mind. Evidentially, happiness is a deep essence that cannot be conditional by time only. However, th e discussion about happiness always involves the reflections about time. Every century dictates its rules and the distinctive feature of our century is a high speed of life. This situation should motivate everyone who wants to achieve the results and develop one’s life. Therefore, if one wants to be in time, it is necessary to use this time accordingly. Obviously, the correct and appropriate use of time is an important issue that can help everyone to be in a good mood, full of energy and ready to work hard in order to achieve the outstanding results, to be successful and respected person.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on My Relationship with Time and Its Effect on Happiness specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Reference List Hodgkinson, T. (2007). How to be Idle: A Loafer’s Manifesto. US: HarperCollins. Rubin, G. (n.d.). Be Happier: Wake Up Earlier. Retrieved from This essay on My Relationship with Time and Its Effect on Happiness was written and submitted by user Francisco Talley to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Albert Einstein Essays (1529 words) - Albert Einstein, Mileva Mari

Albert Einstein Of all the scientists to emerge from the twentieth centuries there is one whose name is known by almost all living people. While most of these do not understand this man's work, everyone knows that its impact on the world of science is astonishing. Yes, many have heard of Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, but few know about the intriguing life that led this scientist to discover what some have called, "The greatest single achievement of human thought." Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879. Before his first birthday, his family had moved to Munich where Albert's father, Hermann Einstein, and uncle set up a small electro-chemical business. He was fortunate to have an excellent family with which he held a strong relationship. Albert's mother, Pauline Einstein, had an intense passion for music and literature, and it was she that first introduced her son to the violin in which he found much joy and relaxation. Also, he was very close with his younger sister, Maja, and they could often be found in the lakes that were scattered about the countryside near Munich. As a child, Einstein's sense of curiosity had already begun to stir. A favorite toy if his was his father's compass and he often marveled at his uncle's explanations of algebra. Although young Albert was intrigued by certain mysteries of science, he was considered a slow learner. His failure to become fluent in German until the age of nine even led some teachers to believe he was disabled. Einstein's post-basic education began at the Luitpold Gymnasium when he was ten. It was here that he first encountered the German spirit through the school's strict disciplinary policy. His disapproval of this method of teaching led to his reputation as a rebel. It was probably these differences that caused Einstein to search for knowledge at home. He began not with science, but with religion. He avidly studied the Bible seeking truth, but this religious fervor soon died down when he discovered the intrigue of science and math. To him, these seemed much more realistic than ancient stories. With this new knowledge he disliked class even more, and was eventually expelled from Luitpold Gymnasium, being considered a disruptive influence. Feeling that he could no longer deal with the German mentality, Einstein moved to Switzerland where he continued his education. At sixteen he attempted to enroll at the Federal Institute of Technology, but failed the entrance exam. This forced him to study locally for one year until he finally passed the school's evaluation. The Institute allowed Einstein to meet many other students that shared his curiosity, and it was here that his studies turned mainly to Physics. He quickly learned that while physicists had generally agreed on major principles in the past, there were modern scientists who were attempting to disprove outdated theories. Since most of Einstein's teachers ignored these new ideas, he was again forced to explore on his own. In 1900 he graduated from the Institute and then achieved citizenship to Switzerland. Einstein became a clerk at the Swiss Patent Office in 1902. This job had little to do with physics, but he was able to satiate his curiosity by figuring out how new inventions worked. The most important part of Einstein's occupation was that it allowed him enough time to pursue his own line of research. As his ideas began to develop, he published them in specialist journals. Though he was still unknown to the scientific world, he began to attract a large circle of friends and admirers. A group of students that he tutored quickly transformed into a social club that shared a love of nature, music, and of course, science. In 1903, he married Mileva Maric, a mathematician friend. In 1905, Einstein published five separate papers in a journal, the Annals of Physics. The first was immediately acknowledged, and the University of Zurich awarded Einstein an additional degree. The other papers helped to develop modern physics and earned him the reputation of an artist. Many scientists have said that Einstein's work contained an imaginative spirit that was seen in most poetry. His work at this time dealt with molecules, and how their motion affected temperature, but he is most well known for his Special Theory of Relativity, which tackled motion and the speed of light. By far, the biggest year of Einstein's life was 1905. It is called his "Miracle Year." Perhaps the most important part of his discoveries was the equation E=mc2 (Energy equals mass times the velocity of light